5 Reasons When To Use Virtual Staging

5 Reasons When To Use Virtual Staging



If you are a real estate photographer and you’re looking for a new service that can increase your income without exerting additional effort, the answer you are looking for is virtual staging. The question is, when will you offer it to your clients?

Here are the five reasons when to use virtual staging.

1) If The Room Is Empty

The reason above is the main reason why you should use virtual staging. Unlike the unstaged homes, staged properties or households are usually sold 20% more than others due to its appeal visually.  This will give property buyers an idea of what the room would look like if it is fully-furnished. You can download this brochure to learn more about the benefits of virtual staging.

2) If the Room Has A Missing Furniture

If there are missing furniture, this is can also possible in virtual staging. The room doesn’t have a TV? Done! The kitchen is so elegant, but no refrigerator? This can be done too.

Most of the virtual staging designers are copying the lighting of the scene to make the inserted 3D models look like it was really there.

3) To Give An Accent or Contrast In The Room

When it comes to design, accents add warmth and character to a room. Even changing your pillow color can make a huge difference, and adding plants can add a sense of calmness in a place. 


To Add an Art Decoration.

Art helps define a space. It provides a focal point for each room that has it.

5) To Open A Covered Pool.

It takes time to uncover the pool and also fill it up. That’s why it is best just to do it in the post-process to save time and money.

Virtual Staging has a lot to offer in your photos. Will you consider to use in or not? Let me know in the comments.

It is also ideal to look for a virtual staging company that offers a variety of furniture and style, and a realistic feel. Omorfia has more than 10,000 furniture that can help you level up your service.  You can try this service now for free.