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What is Virtual Staging? Virtual staging is a type of home staging done with a computer. It is like traditional staging, decorating a property to showcase its best features and qualities to make it more attractive to buyers. The main goal of this kind of feature is creating highly realistic images of properties.

Virtual staging can be a huge benefit if it is done in:

  • Vacant homes.
  • Homes with outdated furniture.
  • Properties that will make appearance changes.

Virtual Staging vs. Traditional Staging

  • Virtual staging is cheaper than traditional staging.
  • Virtual Staging costs $25 to $40 for a several number of furniture, and an additional cost for every extra furniture included. In Omorfia, their Virtual Staging Services costs $25 for 5 furniture and an additional $5 for an another furniture.
  • Traditional staging can cost several hundred dollars per month, depending on the stager you use, how much furniture you need to rent, your location and the number of rooms you need staged.

Benefits of Virtual Staging

Virtual staging can help sell a home faster – but only if it’s done right. You still need to hire a professional who knows how to take good photos for virtual staging, and you need to work with a reputable company with a great portfolio of completed work.

  • Cheaper than Traditional Staging.
  • Help you to showcase furniture features.
  • Attracts prospective buyers’ attention.
  • Able to stage flexibly the choices of buyers.

Can Virtual Staging Help You Sell Your Home?

Virtual staging can be a massive asset when you’re selling a property especially a vacant home, or one that has outdated furniture, or the buyer asks you an imaginary sense. Our service, Virtual Staging, will allow prospective buyers to view the right vision of the property. Omorfia can help you close the deal through these features to meet the satisfaction of the buyers – their desire, we satisfy. You can contact Omorfia through their website:, and their email:[twenty20 img1=”6119″ img2=”6118″ offset=”0.5″ before=”BEFORE” after=”AFTER” hover=”true”]

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