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while you focus on capturing memories and growing your wedding photography business with our expert services.

Streamline Your Workflow and Delight Your Clients with Our Advanced Wedding Photo Editing Services

As a professional wedding photographer, you understand the importance of capturing beautiful memories on your clients’ special day. However, with the fast-paced nature of wedding photography comes the need for a reliable and efficient editing partner. That’s where our editing services come in.
We offer a comprehensive range of editing services, from basic color correction to advanced retouching, to help you achieve high-quality results every time. Our team of experienced editors specializes in bringing out the full potential of your photos, making them truly stunning works of art.
With our help, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow, impress your clients, and grow your business. Whether you’re looking for a one-time edit or a long-term partnership, we’re here to help you take your wedding photography to the next level.

It's Time To Outsource Your Wedding Photo Editing

One of the biggest challenges facing wedding photographers is the time and effort it takes to edit photos. It can take hours, if not days, to edit a single wedding shoot. Outsourcing your editing to a professional service can provide a range of benefits for your business. It allows you to streamline your workflow and spend more time focusing on capturing the perfect shots, instead of spending hours editing in Lightroom. A professional editing service can handle the tedious task of color correction, cropping, and other adjustments, leaving you free to focus on your craft.
Custom photo editing services can also help you to achieve a consistent look and feel across your entire portfolio, which can be essential for building a strong brand and attracting new clients. With the help of a dedicated team of editors, you can create a unique and personalized editing style that reflects your vision and sets your work apart from the competition.

Why invest in wedding photography editing?

When it comes to editing your wedding photos, there are a lot of options available. From using Lightroom presets to editing software like Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. However, not all editing options are created equal. Investing in a boutique, private photo retoucher can give you the personalized attention and high-quality results that your photos deserve. We will work with you to understand your editing style and preferences, and will give you the best possible results. But that’s not all. Here are some other reasons why you should consider using a wedding photo editing service:


Every wedding photographer has their own unique style and editing technique. However, it can be difficult to maintain consistency when you’re editing a large number of photos. We can help ensure that your photos have a consistent look and feel, which is important for building your brand and reputation.

save time

As a wedding photographer, you’re likely juggling multiple shoots at once. By outsourcing your editing needs, you can save a significant amount of time that you would otherwise spend editing your photos. This means you can take on more clients and increase your revenue.


Many photographers think that using a photo editing service will be too expensive, but that’s not always the case. Many services offer flexible pricing options that can be tailored to suit your budget. And when you consider the time and costs saved by outsourcing your editing needs, it can be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

How it works



Before you upload your files, take a moment to fill out our online form. This will help us understand your specific needs and preferences for color correction, retouching, and other editing requests


Wait for 24 Hours

Our team of experienced editors will work on your photos and have them ready for you in 24 hours or less.



Once the editing is complete, we'll send you a link to download your edited photos. You'll be able to view them online and download them in high-resolution format.

Our Process


Our process is designed to streamline your workflow and deliver stunning results. First, we begin with culling, where we carefully select the best images from your shoot and discard any duplicates or damaged photos.

Color Correction

Next, we move on to color correction, where we carefully adjust the white balance, contrast, and other parameters such as highlights, shadows, blacks and whites, and hue and saturation to bring out the true colors of your images.

Color Grading & Cropping

Lastly, we apply color grading to give your photos a unique and cohesive look, making them truly stand out. With our process, you can trust that your photos will be expertly edited and ready to impress your clients

Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself the stunning transformations that our wedding photo editing services can bring to your memories. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of before-and-after examples from various weddings, highlighting the different editing techniques and styles that we offer. From basic color correction to advanced retouching and color grading, our skilled editors can bring out the full potential of your wedding photos. Browse through our gallery and get a sense of the quality and expertise that we bring to every project.

Affordable rates, premium results

our flexible pricing options for professional wedding photo editing.

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per image
  • Culling
  • Exposure & Contrast
  • Color Correction
  • Cropping & Alignment
  • Color Grading

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Most frequent questions and answers
When looking for a wedding retoucher, you should look for someone who is skilled in Lightroom, has experience with advanced culling techniques, and can offer fast turnaround times. Additionally, you should look for an editor who can provide a range of services, from basic color correction to advanced retouching, and who is able to work with your editing style and preferences.
The cost to retouch wedding photos can vary depending on the number of photos and the level of editing required. Our prices for wedding editing start at $0.20 per photo and go up to $1.50 per photo for advanced retouching. We also offer bulk discounts for larger orders.
There are many ways to edit wedding photos, and the best way will depend on your personal style and preferences. Some photographers prefer to use Lightroom presets, while others prefer to edit their photos manually. The key is to find a method that works for you and stick with it.
The time it takes to retouch wedding photos can vary depending on the number of photos and the level of editing required. On average, basic adjustments can take 24 hours per 800 photos.

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