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Homes with virtual furniture look better than empty lifeless rooms and if your work is selling properties, you can benefit a lot from virtual home staging that results in higher traffic and faster sales.

Realistic Design

Omorfia can provide and modify property spaces depending on buyer’s preferences and home’s character and style. This service allows you to demonstrate just how each room layout works for prospective

Natural Lighting

Virtual staging can be a massive asset when you’re selling a property especially a vacant home, or one that has outdated furniture, or the buyer asks you an imaginary sense. Our service, Virtual Staging, will allow prospective buyers to view the right vision of the property. Omorfia can help you close the deal through these features to meet the satisfaction of the buyers – their desire, we satisfy.

Get your photos staged in a flash

Placing an Order

Send your photos to our team and indicate 
what furniture style do you want and if you have a specific placing of furniture in mind.


The design team will process your requests using 3D software.

Fast Delivery & Support

We will deliver to job within 16-24 hours. Do you have revisions? Our support team is happy to help you and send back the job within 4-5 hours.

The benefits of virtual staging

Much cheaper than the traditional home staging

Not all buyers can afford to rent a home staging team to see what furniture will fit in their home, especially if there’s only a specific budget. But, what can help them is to do Virtual Staging.

Unlimited Designs

There’s no need to check every mall to see the best furniture for your home, and there are over thousands of it on the list, all you need to do is choose and put it on your listings then you’re ready to go.

Save money, time, and effort

It is true! Less money, less time, and of course, less effort. An empty room can be turned into a fully furnished one without wasting a lot of these three essential things for you.

Declutter & Refurnish

A cluttered and stuffy room can’t be attractive, everyone wants a room with a beautiful and clean ambiance even in a photo. Also, some want furniture with trending designs and updated. In this matter, Virtual Staging will make all the difference, from decluttering unnecessary stuff to designing your desired listings; this can all be done in a hassle-free way.

Our Works

Average staging can cost between $4,000 to $8,000 but virtual staging will cost $25 to $150. Even when an agencies are doing an open house in an empty home, they are displaying photos of the virtually furnished room on an easel set up in the actual room so that visitors can more easily visualize what the space might look like.

Our team at Omorfia has a variety of furniture, from traditional to modern contemporary,

Different Styles? We Got You Covered

Traditional Style

Traditional design celebrates the rich and prolonged beautiful history with elegant and sophisticated highlights from  European art of interior designing. 

You often see this design influence of European decorations and incorporate elements on some European countries from England, France and even in the far east. Traditional interior design is typically defined as being unsurprising , yet comfortable at some point.

Coastal Style

Coastal homes designs have major impact thru giving floral color, textures and patterns. Beach interior design, comfortable linen, beach vibe, colorful fabrics, Natural clear ambiance.

Does this style suit you? 

There are several elements in Coastal Design: Simplest Color Scheme, Natural Materials and Natural light. Your house can transform into a peaceful and blissfully beautiful statement home that embodies the natural seaside atmosphere

European Style

Focused on elegance and sophistication, 
warm colors and wood finishes abound. 
With soft shades of red, yellow brown, gray stone-shaped 
colours, the French Country style focuses on an earthy feel. 
Furnishings could include wood carved coffee tables, warm colored chairs 
and sofas, wooden cabinets, and some additional green plants 
to go with the full decor.


Farm House

When you say farmhouse the first thing comes to your mind is a house built by woods.  You will see rustic woods, old paned windows and a distressed wall accent.

And, of course, farmhouse style these days is also about the decor you choose to compliment your space. It adds a rustic touch and is a great way to display all your fabulous farmhouse decor! 

Modern Style

Modern style ideas with origins in Scandinavian and 
German architecture and design are distinctly fuss-free and simple. 
The furniture and furnishings concentrate on using natural 
fabrics and earthy colors while removing excessive details. 
And you might see hits of color 
when it comes to contemporary interior design styles.
However, with modern interior design styles, the focus is on 
the use of monochromatic colors and patternless designs in 
whitewashed rooms.

Asian Style

Asian rooms stick to one style and most of Asian themed rooms are a combination of two or more cultural influences.

Authentic style, Asian-inspired decoration  genuinely radiates with a special kind of authenticity and fairness. It soothes the soul and gives the best shape perfect addition in every home. 

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is substantially fulfilled through 3D visualizations by using staging software such as 3ds Max, V-Ray renderer, and Corona renderer to generate a replica of the house image they want to achieve. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it also saves a great deal of time and effort.

Staging a property is one of the most popular marketing strategies among realtors.

It gives homebuyers an insight into how the house, they’re looking forward to purchasing, will look like, with furniture and décor represented in a very presentable and attractive manner.

In most cases, a real estate agent or an agency hires a professional home stager, who sets up the home with the required furniture and décor along with paint finishes.

This often proves to be very hefty on realtor’s pockets, not to mention the effort required to transport all the décor and furniture and other equipment needed to set up the empty house.

This is where virtual staging has helped realtors and real estate photographers efficiently achieve staging


Most frequent questions and answers
We can complete a virtual staging job order within 16-24 hours, but there will be a longer turnaround time for jobs exceeding to 15 photos. 

At Omorfia, we edit your photos until your desire is satisfied. Clients are entitled for unlimited revisions; just let us know within 2 working days upon our first job submission. However, some special requests may be subject for assessment and review.

You may contact our Customer Relations Officer for more details for flexible pricing. 
We have catalogs of furniture and models to choose from: Classic/Traditional  Victorian Modern Scandinavian Contemporary Rustic/Industrial Coastal/Tropical   You can also request or provide a reference for a certain furniture style that you prefer, and we will do our best to match your requirements.
Clients are entitled to unlimited furniture including accessories like lamps, plants, paintings, curtains, lights and more.  Any request of physical change to a property such as changes on floorings, adding fixtures, addition of landscapes or any form of renovation, will be under our Virtual Renovation service.
We can cater a maximum of 4-5 photos per rush order with 30% extra charge, delivered within 4-8 hours.
We are currently using 3Ds Max, V-Ray & Corona Renderer.

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