Importance Of Social Media For Real Estate Professionals


More than four and a half billion people use some form of social media – that is more than half of the world’s current population and each one of these people has the potential to interact with your real estate business. But you may not stand the chance of reaching them without a good social media marketing strategy.

social media users

What’s more, according to Smart Insights, in the last year alone, there was 9% increase in the amount of active social media users globally. Employing the help of real estate social media marketing companies means that you will be able to implement an effective and lucrative social media strategy that allows you to reach more people than you ever thought possible. In this article, we want to explore some of the benefits that a social media marketing company can bring to your real estate business.




All too often, we see many of the same businesses dominating social media – beauty, fashion, and food are some of the major players with Instagram followers in their millions but this is not to say that real estate does not have a place on social media – it does.

Once you understand the benefit of putting your brand in the spotlight, it is not difficult to see how social media will be extremely advantageous to your real estate empire.

Expert Knowledge


It’s no secret that to make your mark on social media, you need experience, a good strategy, and sometimes just a little bit of luck. Although the latter cannot be provided by a social media marketing expert, experience and strategy certainly can.

As a real estate agent or real estate photographer or real estate investor, you may have an impressive knowledge in your field but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a solid grasp on social media – but your social media marketing company will have.

This puts you in an advantageous position since you will have somebody who can develop the best strategy for getting your brand in view and noticed by the right people. Anyone can throw out advertisements on social media but knowing how to target specific markets and get results is a whole different ball game.

Save Money

save money

OK, there may be a fee that comes with hiring a social media marketing expert, but nothing in life comes for free and the great thing is that you will be getting more bang for your buck.

Delivering paper print-outs will likely be a great waste of your time and money because when people are given leaflets like this, more often than not, they will dispose of them without a second thought. But social media can have a much greater impact meaning that your money is being well spent and you are much more likely to see a return.

Grow Your Network


Of course, making sales and finding great investments is one thing but to be truly successful in real estate, one is required to have a solid network made up of a variety of professionals – you always need a go-to for each task. The use of social media has proven time and time again to be exceptional in building your professional network.

That being said, it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack but this is where your social media marketing team comes in. These highly skilled people will be able to promote your brand to the right people and ultimately create links to every relevant area making your business thrive,

Generate Better Quality Leads

best quality

It is reported that 47% of real estate businesses claim that their best leads come from social media campaigns and this is not a figure to be sniffed at.


Whilst having a lot of leads is one thing, converting them is another and a good social media campaign can be the difference between failure and success.

Target The Right Market


There are so many social media platforms and more are being developed every year. The big guns are still Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest but for business, LinkedIn is also extremely handy. However, your target market will play a part in which social media channels will benefit your business the most and a social media marketing expert will be able to determine this.

By placing an emphasis on certain channels, you can feel confident that you will get the most out of your social media campaigns and bring your brand in front of those who are likely to engage with it.

Build Brand Awareness


It is highly unlikely that people will be willing to engage with a brand that they do not recognize – trust is essential, especially in an industry like real estate where huge amounts of money are exchanged. But social media for real estate can take your brand from being unknown to a household name if it is used correctly.

Even if those exposed to your brand on social media aren’t currently looking to work with you, seeing your brand in the first instance will begin to build a level of trust. Then when the time comes that they require a real estate professional – your name might spring to mind.

Bring A Sense Of Personality


All too often in the past, the business has been just that – business. But with social media, you are given new freedom which allows you to show the personality of your brand and yourself.

Whilst it is important to regularly post real estate related content, you have the opportunity to post other things. This is a great way of engaging potential clients and showing that there is a person behind the brand.

What’s more, being able to directly communicate with your clients will make them feel as though you are taking a more personal approach which can go a long way in developed solid professional relationships.


Real estate is a huge worldwide business and it can be easy for your business to become lost in a sea of others. But hiring a social media marketing company is a great way to get your brand out there, manage your network, and ultimately drive your business to new heights.